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Sade village

paket wisata lombok Sade village, one of the traditional village pristine. Traditional Kampung Desa Sade precisely located in the village of Rambitan, District Pujut, Central Lombok. The houses are built of bamboo construction with a roof of leaves of reeds. Berpencaharian inhabitants are farmers. Their number has not increased because of the relatively newly married families that do not inherit homes parents will build houses elsewhere. Besides architecture, social systems and their daily lives are still very strong with Sasak community traditions of the past. tour lombok Traditional home village of Sade can represent to be called the Tourism Village in the province, like the Tourism Village in other areas. Therefore, people living in the village everything is Sasak. They are still holding fast to traditional customs. In fact, the typical traditional Sasak house still looks stood firm and maintained in this region. Sasak is a native and a majority on the island of Lombok, NTB. That said, the culture of the people recorded in the book written by Professor Gama Nagara Kartha Nala of Majapahit. paket wisata lombok In the book, Sasak called "Lomboq Mirah Sak-Sak Adhi". While the Sasak culture that include recorded in custom homes Sasak tribe. The reason, the house has an important position in human life, not only as a place of individual and family physically, but also the soul or spiritual fulfillment. Custom homes Sasak, if the note is built based on the aesthetic value and local wisdom. Sasak people know some of the traditional building types as the place to stay and also the traditional rituals and religious rites. paket tour lombok Sasak traditional house made of straw and woven bamboo walls (bedek). Floors of clay mixed with buffalo dung and straw ash. A mixture of clay and dirt buffalo make hardened ground floor, as hard as cement. How to make the floor as it had inherited from their ancestors. Building materials such as wood and bamboo obtained from the surrounding environment. To connect wooden parts, they use bamboo spikes. Sasak house had only one door-sized narrow and low, do not have window. DEVELOPMENT OF TRADITIONAL VILLAGE HOUSE SADE - mutiara lombok Material for custom homes Sasak tribe penyanggga including wood, bamboo, bedek for walls, straw and reeds for roofs, buffalo or horse dung as a mixture of floor hardeners, tree sap and Bajur banten wood, straw ash as reinforcement material flooring. Development time, usually guided by the board of horoscope tapel warige adam and Tajul grandiose. Not everyone is able to determine a good day. Usually they ask the leaders - harga mutiara customary. Sasak people believe a good time to start building a home is the third and twelfth month of the Sasak calendar Rabi al-Awwal and Dzulhijjah. Abstinence is avoided to build a house is on Muharram and Ramadan. According to belief, the house is built in it tends to invite disaster, such as illness, fire, hard sustenance and others. wiih horror yaa. Sasak people will not build the house in opposite directions and the size is different from the first house there. According to them, violating the concept of an act against taboo (maliq sticky just). mutiara lombok Sasak traditional house in the mountains shaped roof, swooping down to a distance of about 1.5-2 meters above the ground (foundation). Roof and ridge (bungus) made of reeds, the walls of bedek, has only one small size and no window. Office (rong) is divided into inak bale (holding chamber) includes bale outside (the bedroom) and a bale in the form of a place to store belongings, the mother gave birth at the same space disemayamkannya corpse before burial. The room bale palace equipped divan, kitchen and sempare (a place to store food and other household appliances) made of bamboo size of 2X2 square meters or rectangles. Sempare laid out above, the position of hanging on the ceiling of the roof. harga mutiara There sesangkok (living room) and entrance with sliding system (sliding). Between the outer and bale bale palace there was a door and stairs (three steps) and a mixture of ground floor with buffalo dung / horses, latex and straw ash.Various Housing building houses in the village of Sade Sade Village housing complex consists of various kinds including Tani Bale, Bale Jajar, Barugag / Sekepat, sekenam, Bonder Bale, Bale and Bale Heading Beleq Bencingah. The name of the building adapted to their respective functions: 1.Bale Tani is building a house for shelter Sasak people who work as - paket wisata lombok farmers. Bale Jajar a residential building Sasak people middle class and above. Bale shape is almost the same row with the bale farm, the difference is the amount of balenya palace. Berugaq / sekepat rectangular equilateral (square) without the wall, pedestal of wood, bamboo and reeds as a roof. Berugaq usually found in front of the left or right side row bale or bale farm. Berugaq work place to receive guests, because according to the custom of the Sasak, not everyone is allowed in the house. Berugaq also used homeowners who have to accept young girls who come midang (apply / dating). While sekenam same shape with berugaq, only sekenam have as many as six poles and located at the rear of the house. Sekenam usually used as a place of learning and teaching manners, cultivation of cultural values ​​and as a meeting place internal family. 2.lombok tour Bale Bonder is a traditional Sasak buildings are generally owned by the pejabar villages, hamlets / villages. Bale bonder usually built in the middle of the settlement or in the administrative center of the village / town. Bale bonder is used as a pesangkepan / trial for, such as a settlement of the problem customary law violations and so forth. Bale Beleq is an important means for a royal. Bale was intended as a place of great activity kingdom so often called "bencingah". In addition to the building, there is a building that is supporters of Sambi, Alang and barn. Sambi, a place to store agricultural products. Alang same with the barns used to store agricultural products, only the typical shape reeds, roofed with reeds with a 3/4 circle but oval arches and sharp edges upwards. Barn, a place to store a variety of needs.mutiara lombok Barn is not the same as sambi and reeds because the barns are usually placed in the house / room or in a special place outside the house. If you notice, the construction of custom homes Sasak tribe actually contains the values ​​of local wisdom. Wisdom was developed and continues from generation to generation. Sasak traditional house roof designed very low with small sized doors, intended to make the guests who came to be ducked. Crouching attitude is an attitude of mutual respect and mutual respect between the guest host.harga mutiara Direction and the same size custom homes Sasak show that people living in harmony. While the steps (stairs) level three has a message that the level of piety knowledge and wealth of each human being will not be the same. It is hoped all people aware of the shortcomings and advantages, because everything is God's grace.perhiasan mutiara

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